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  • David Sutton

Five Names of the Lord Jesus

The Lord Jesus Christ is called by several names and titles in the NT. Each of these names has great significance in presenting Him for who He is. Understanding His names helps us value and worship Him more greatly.

Jesus—“Jehovah Is Salvation.” The human name of our Lord was not revealed in the OT, but it was announced to each Joseph and Mary in Matthew 1 and Luke 1. His name would be called “JESUS: for He shall save His people from their sins” (Mt. 1:21).

Christ—“The Anointed One.” In the OT, prophets, priests, and kings were anointed to hold their particular offices. Hebrews 1:9, et. al. recognizes the Lord Jesus as the divine Christ, uniquely anointed as Prophet, Priest, and King.

Lord—“Master.” The title Lord implies deity and sovereignty, making Him the Divine Sovereign. The Lord Jesus is fully divine and has all authority (Rev. 19:16). He rightly commands and directs. He is the Master, and we His servants (Lk. 6:46).

Son of God. The title Son of God expresses essential deity. Christ is the only begotten Son of God, making Him equal with the Father (Jn. 20:31).

Son of Man.The title Son of man refers to Jesus as the Messiah—the eternal King, divine Substitute, and perfect Man (Dan. 7:13-14; Lk. 19:10).

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