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People want good news today.  The word "gospel" means "good news" and the Lord Jesus Christ said to preach it to everyone.  Jackson County Baptist Church (JCBC) wants to do that out of love for the Lord, that is, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every person who wants to hear it in Jackson County, the Rogue Valley, in Southern Oregon. 

What is the good news?  The good news is that God wants to save us, has done what is necessary to save us, and He tells us how to be saved in the Bible.  Yet, to receive the good news someone must first accept the bad news, that he is in big trouble because of sin and its punishment.  He must acknowledge his need to be saved.

The Lord Jesus said that once someone believes in Him, he should be taught all things whatsoever the Lord commanded Him.  JCBC desires to teach the whole counsel of God's Word to anyone and everyone who wants it.

Every meeting of the church will center on knowing the Word of God and God Himself better all for the glory of God.  The expository preaching and teaching and reverent worship of God will result in a Bible believing and practicing church.

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