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  • David Sutton

An Honor to Preach

It is a high honor to preach God’s Word. Preachers proclaim truth. They announce “Thus saith the Lord!” They don’t mute the message, they don’t mix message, and they don’t muddy the message. They accurately, boldly, and compassionately deliver the message.

The word preacher translates the Greek word kerux, which means “herald.” In the 1st century, when a king wanted to announce a message to his subjects, he would call his kerux, give the message, and then send him to the people. The kerux would go to the town square, summons the people, and read the message in its entirety. He wouldn’t leave any of it out or add to it for his safekeeping or in order to suit his audience. He would read it as written. Then the kerux would expect the subjects to comply.

This is what preachers in the Bible did, and this is what preachers of the Bible have done: rightly divide the Word of truth and proclaim the burden of the Lord. It is a privilege to preach God’s Word in order represent God’s will from a particular passage to an audience for their good and God’s glory.

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