• David Sutton

A Word on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a time in which we can reflect on the influence and sacrifice of our mothers. Mothers have a tremendous privilege and a great responsibility to nurture children. Nurturing speaks of gentle care that patiently adds to a person’s life. Nurturing gives guidance; and it provides safety and security, along with trust and confidence. Nurturing is born out of love.

One of the ways mothers nurture is with their words. Words can build up or they can tear down. The wise mother adds to her children’s lives, and to the lives of others, by what she says. Solomon said this about the words of the virtuous woman: “She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness” (Pro. 31:26).

The virtuous woman, the wise mother, knows when to speak; she also knows when not to speak. Furthermore, her knowledge of God’s Word guides her in what to speak. When she does open her mouth, helpful, edifying, biblical words come out. She says true words, and she says gracious words. Her tongue is governed by kindness. Love and mercy wrap her words in a warmth that communicates genuine care and good will. She carefully chooses her words so they reflect her desire to please the Lord and to help others succeed.

I am thankful for my mother and my wife’s mother for all of the gracious words they have spoken to me and my family over these many years. I am also thankful for my wife and her kind, encouraging words to me and our family. What a difference a wise mother can make in her children and to all others she is around!

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