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  • David Sutton

A Door of Utterance

One of the Apostle Paul’s primary desires in life was to preach the gospel. In fact, he wrote to the Colossians, while in a Roman prison, and asked them to pray “that God would open unto us a door of utterance…” (Col. 4:3). A door is an opening through which one passes. Paul prayed for opportunities with free course to preach the gospel. Why did he pray? He knew that these opportunities came from God, and he knew that he needed boldness to say what he ought to say.

We dare not think that opportunities to declare God’s wonderful news of salvation come of our own doing. God blesses faithfulness, but any situation that opens up into a gospel conversation comes because God opened the door. He works in men’s hearts prior to our arrival, and He works to guide circumstances to make opportunities possible.

When the Lord does open doors, we need to pass through with boldness. That is what Paul prayed for in Colossians 4:4: “That I might make it manifest, as I ought to speak.” Temptation to soften the message or timidity when speaking the message is a natural tendency. However, the Holy Spirit strengthens us to speak freely and fully (Acts 4:31; Eph. 6:19). We need His openness and confidence to proclaim the truth as we ought. Let us pray the same way one for another in our evangelism—that God would open doors, and that we would be bold.

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