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  • David Sutton

What Should I Do?

“What job should I take? Whom should I marry? Where will I live? What should I study in college? How will this situation work out? How will I make it in life? What should I do?” These kinds of questions run through the minds of young people. They are serious questions, and they are life-changing questions. For all things that are the unwritten will of God, all of us can take consolation in knowing this: “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD” (Ps. 37:23).


Our faithful God orders our steps. He frames them and establishes them, so that the next decision—and especially major ones—is guided by His loving hand. Faith believes that the Lord will make His will plain. The Lord opens the door of opportunity, often after He closes many others.


When we wait on the Lord and trust Him with all of our heart, depending on His Word and acknowledging Him in all that we do, He will direct our path. He says so. The Lord will put the appropriate opportunity before you at the right time. Don’t panic, don’t worry, and don’t doubt. Follow God's Word, and have confidence that, if you are saved, the Lord is ordering and guiding your steps. Praise the Lord!

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