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Stay Alert

Psalm 23 comforts believers in the shepherding of the Lord. David writes in v. 2: “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters.” Notice how David testifies that Jehovah causes us to lie down in green pastures. Well-nourished and safe, the Lord’s sheep take their rest under the Shepherd’s watchful eye to reflect on the Word and savor its delights. The Lord wants to feed and lead you spiritually.


Let me suggest two thoughts on the Lord’s feeding and leading. First, the Lord feeds you in preaching. Receive the Word with meekness and then carry it with you through the week. Think about the passage and ask the Lord to help you to apply it in your life. As you do His Word, He leads you.


Second, recognizing some area of spiritual need or growth in your life, ask the Lord for help, understanding, or wisdom to do His will. Then, stay alert for the answer. You might be reading your Bible and the answer to your need stands out in your devotions. You might be listening to a sermon or talking to someone about spiritual things and a comment is made that fits your situation perfectly. During prayer, the Lord might direct your thoughts to a passage of Scripture or calm your spirit about a given situation. As God answers your request, put His instruction into practice. The Lord is feeding and leading you as your Good Shepherd.

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