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  • David Sutton

Total Eclipse

Last Saturday morning (October 14, 2023) Southern Oregon witnessed a total solar eclipse. During men’s prayer time we all stepped outside to watch the rare phenomena. We couldn’t actually watch the eclipse for the extreme brightness of the sun. The only way to view the sun’s crescent without damaging our eyes was to look at it through very dark lenses.

The glory of God can be thought of in the same way. To view the radiant, dazzling brightness of God’s perfections would overwhelm us. The Lord told Moses that no man can see His face and live (Ex. 33:20). When the Lord showed Moses His glory, God had to shield Moses and then would only allow him to view His hinder parts. Still, Moses’ face glowed when he came down the mountain.

The heavens declare the glory of God (Ps. 19:1). When you think of the sun, you can think of the brilliant brightness of God’s eternal glory. None is like God. He is matchless, omnipotent, beyond human comprehension, and perfect in every way. He is our great and glorious God!

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