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  • David Sutton

The Body Benefits the Body

The Lord likens His church to a body. Several times in the NT, the body analogy describes the function of the church (I Cor. 12:27; Eph. 1:23; Col. 1:18). In a human body, each member has a role. The roles are numerous and varied, but essential. We greatly benefit from each other’s spiritual giftedness in the church. We also benefit from each other’s ministry.


The giftedness might be verbal in nature, so in some way a person speaks helpful things from the Word of God. The person’s giftedness might be manual, so in some way the church benefits from physical things a person does to aid the brethren. Both categories of gifts are ways that believers can serve the Lord and one another. The energy or motivation to serve the Lord comes from Him. Praise the Lord for it.


We benefit from the evangelism and discipleship opportunities of each other as well. Whether testifying, preaching the gospel, doing a Bible study, teaching a believer, canvassing, or preparing packets—all of these aspects of ministry strengthen the church. Outreach is happening, and believers are edified to continue at the task.


Your obedience to the Lord to serve Him and love Him makes a big difference. The Lord knows your labor, and others are benefitting.

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