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  • David Sutton

Be An Example

All of us need help in living the Christian life. Not only do we need to know what the Bible says, but we also need to know how to live out its teachings in everyday life. This is where examples set the pattern and show the way. Paul urged Timothy to be “an example of the believers” (I Tim. 4:12). We should learn from godly examples, and then we should strive to be godly examples ourselves.


An example is a pattern, a model, a design. A pattern is not the thing being reproduced; it simply shows what the thing reproduced should look like. In fact, if you copy the pattern exactly, the new item will look just like the pattern.


Pastor Timothy was to be an example. He had the Apostle Paul to look at, but primarily he had the Lord Jesus Christ to look at. Christ is the pattern for all of our lives. When we emulate how Christ lived, our lives will resemble His.


This is where we should strive to be an example “of the believers.” Yes, be an example to the believers, but also be an example of the believers: strive to have your Christian life exemplify living by faith. To do that, you should think about what you say, how you act, how you go about life, the way you love, what your attitude is, the way you trust the Lord, and your overall righteous living. In other words, in every area of life strive to be “an example of the believers.”

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