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  • David Sutton

A New Man Living a New Life

When the Lord saves you, He creates in you a new man, a new nature, one that loves righteousness and holiness, and one that lives out righteousness and holiness. As God formed the first man (Adam) out of the dust of the ground and fashioned him according to His power and wisdom, God crafts the new man according to His divine power and wisdom. As God made the first man in His image, God makes the new man with His nature.

The new man has the ability to obey from the heart the precepts of God. In fact, God saves us to live an obedient life. The Bible teaches that God foreordained that we should live out the righteous, beneficial deeds contained in the Bible (Eph. 2:10). These deeds revolve around loving God and loving man.

As you go through your day, think about how you can please God and love people in the circumstances that cross you path and with the thoughts that cross your mind. Resist the devil in his temptations to sin, and do good in the opportunities that lay at your feet. Be content, be kind, be patient, and be helpful and submissive. Trust God, don’t worry; be confident, don’t doubt; and be bold, don’t fear. Praise God for His nature, and thank Him for His goodness. Meditate in His Word and fellowship with Him in prayer. At salvation God gives you a new nature. In order to please God, pursue good works each and every day.

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