• David Sutton

Teach Your Family to Meditate on God's Word

Psalm 2 says that the blessed man meditates in the Law of the Lord day and night, that is, he regularly thinks about God’s Word. What we think about is what we talk about (Mt. 12:34). One of the ways we can encourage thinking about the Word of God with our families is to talk about it with them. We can do this in two ways: through planned conversation and through spontaneous observation.

Deuteronomy 6:5-9 says that the words of God are to be in our hearts and then we are to teach those words to our children continually. We should strive to have regular family devotions, where we talk about the Bible with our family. Additionally, we can talk about the Bible at the dinner table. Last night I asked my family what amazes them about the birth of Christ. That led to a fruitful discussion about God’s sovereignty, the prophecies of Scripture, and Joseph’s and Mary’s obedient mindset.

Another way to talk about the Bible is through spontaneous observation. This happens when you correlate what you observe with the Bible. With the recent snow, you could comment that Christ washes us white as snow at salvation. Many other observations can point out the goodness of God.

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