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  • David Sutton

Growing Our Children in Wisdom

Jesus grew as a child in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and man. Since God made parents the caretakers of their children, parents have the duty to train their children in these four categories. Today we will look at training our children in wisdom. The Bible teaches that wisdom comes from God and His Word (Pro. 2:6). God uses parents to impart wisdom to their children. Parents help their children increase in wisdom by training them in obedience, Bible application, and strong academics.

First, train your children to obey. Over and over Solomon urged his son to listen to his parents (Pro. 1:8; 2:1; 3:1; 4:1; 5:1; 7:1). If children will be wise, they must listen to their parents. When parents instruct their children in right behavior and thinking, they guide them in righteousness, which is the way of wisdom. Wisdom comes through listening, and listening results in obedience. If you want your children to be wise, train them to obey the voice of authority, including obeying God through His Word.

Second, train your children in Bible application. Wisdom technically is the proper application of truth. Since God’s Word is truth, we should train our children how to apply the Word to their lives. Relate the Bible to everyday situations. In family devotions, discuss applications to the text. Also, after a church service, ask how the sermon affected them. When you discipline your child for disobedience, show how their sin violated a particular passage or principal, and then teach them what to do the next time to obey that verse.

Third, help your children to become strong in academics. Growing in wisdom means growing in the intellectual part of man. If we are to apply truth correctly, we first must know truth and then understand truth. Knowledge, understanding, application is the structure. This paradigm applies to success in academics. When children know the facts of their subject and then understand those facts, they learn. Help them learn. Encourage them in their learning. Help them see how to apply what they know and understand to life. As well, help them to become good readers. Expect excellence, and then help them reach it.

Learning how to obey, learning how to apply the Bible, and learning how to learn forges not only a strong intellect, but a strong understanding of God's Word. Jesus grew in His ability to properly apply truth, and so can our children. As parents, we have the privilege and duty to help them grow in wisdom.

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