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  • David Sutton

Fatherhood, from God

Father's Day reminds us of the value and influence of fathers. Fathers have an essential role in the success of a family, a society, and a church. Being a godly father comes from following God’s Word. God Himself provides the supreme example of how men can be a godly father. An example of this comes from Matthew 6. In the model prayer, Jesus shows us responses to fatherhood and responsibilities of fatherhood.

First, Respect—"Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.” Fathers must be respected. They beget life, and they hold chief authority in the home. They lead and they sacrifice. They guide and they protect.

Second, Rule“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done.” As head of the home, fathers have the prerogative of establishing the plan, and they have the authority of leading its accomplishment for the glory of God. Dads, develop a godly plan for your family. Take the forethought and lead to its end.

Third, Rely“Give us this day our daily bread.” Fathers have the role of provider, and families rely on the father to provide for their needs. Dads, take the responsibility to provide for the needs of your family, even at the expense of your own needs. Your family is counting on you.

Fourth, Reassure—“Forgive us our debts,…and lead us not into temptation….” Dads, reassure your family of your love for them even amidst their struggles. Guide them in God’s Word to help them fulfill God’s will.

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